Rhetoric Questions

You Why are you so sure you're alone? Why are you so sure nobody would listen? Why are you so sure nobody can help you? Why is it so hard to say what you want? Why do give comfort so freely when you don't get it back? Why are you so scared of letting someone... Continue Reading →


You don't need food when you're sadThe misery will fill you upI don't know why they don't believe me when I say I'm not hungryI'm satisfied reallyHaven't I had enough? You don't need water when you're sadThe more you cry, the less thirsty you feel somehowI want to see a different type of liquidBlood perhapsDoes... Continue Reading →

Questions that plague us

Broken hearts heal but there will always be a raw wound for me who finds a home in every arm. When you give all of you to every partner who comes along, you have a lot to replenish when they leave. Is love infinite? Is a heart infinite? How can you give your everything every... Continue Reading →

The S in Woman

Strength It's in the proud way you carry yourself even with daggers in your back It's for all the times you choose you when no one else will It's in the angles your arms make when you powerpose It's for the pain you survive every month as a punishment for unused eggs It's in your... Continue Reading →

The five deaths from heartbreak

It's the first death- realizing that you're one bead on a string with many. You have competition so you try to be the best of them. Hurting while changing yourself, trying to win 5 minutes of someone's affection. You've chosen to keep loving. You cannot be saved. It's the second death- realizing that there would... Continue Reading →

Bonnie & Clyde (Vol 2)

The dying man clutched uselessly at his throat and gurgled, splashing thick blood on the counter, the floor and the thankfully covered lattes before dropping dead behind the counter. Breathing hard, eyes flashing wildly the lover turned to his girl and asked "how is that for red? perfect enough for you now?" Bonnie turned wide... Continue Reading →

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